How It’s Done

Progression Stages

Mug Shots

Choose clear, up-close photos to send to me… the more the merrier. Background does not matter. Keep in mind that these are the only thing that I have to work from, so the better the photos represent your pet, the better the portrait will be.



I will do one or more B&W sketches showing you poses and crop. You will then let me know which you prefer.


I will send you pics of your portrait as it progresses (the eyes always come first), allowing you plenty of opportunity to alter and make changes. Changes and tweaks to colors (i.e., eye, fur and background) are easily done during these stages… not so easily after varnish is applied.


I finish with painting the sides, top and bottom for a three-dimensional look. Then I apply three coats of a protective varnish that also enhances the colors and gives the finished portrait a high-gloss sheen. Please allow 3-5 days for drying time, maybe more if the humidity is high (thank goodness I don’t live in New Orleans)and it is being shipped longer distances.


Traditional Portrait

I follow the same steps as above, with one big difference… once color is applied, I can only darken it… not make it any lighter. Therefore, I usually error on the lighter side during the process. I can usually show you changes on a copy, before altering the original artwork. (See more Traditional Portrait examples here.)

Da Vinci Sketches

Again, I will show you a B&W sketch before proceeding to the sepia pencil on parchment. (See more sketch examples here.)