About My Art

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in my work.

I capture your pet’s individual beauty and personality in three mediums.

The most popular, “Mug Shots” (as dubbed by one of my clients) are up-close and personal portraits done in acrylics on stretched canvas. Their close “cropping” of the subject makes a very unique statement and truly exemplifies your pet’s personality. In addition, I use a gallery-wrap canvas in which I continue the portrait around the edges that creates a four-dimensional, contemporary feel and also, a big plus for most, eliminates the need for a frame.

I also can create “Traditional Portraits“, which are art pencil on acid-free, colored art board. These usually portray more of the pet than just the face.

Another fun and unique approach is my “DaVinci” sketches. These are simple drawings done with sepia tone art pencil on tan parchment mimicking DaVinci’s notebook sketches. These are very reasonably priced and can be drawn to fit standard, over-the-counter frame sizes.

But be assured, with any medium/method you choose, I will do my best to truly portray the beauty of your animal and the precious part of the family it has become.

[color-box color=”bluebell”] “There are hundreds of pet artists out there. What makes Mara different? Two things — first, her true love and empathy for the beasts shows in her work. It goes beyond skill. Her heart is in every piece she creates. Second, although her paintings are absolutely true-to-life, she does something that no photograph can do. Her work embodies the heart, soul, personality and true character of her subject. Even though you will work with her every step of the way, when you see her finished painting, it will take your breath away.” —Addie R.[/color-box]