About Me

Although I was born in La Jolla, California, I was raised in Ohio and now reside in Madeira just outside of Cincinnati. I live with my husband, Paul, and Zoe, my Weimaraner of perpetual motion.

I attended Central Academy of Commercial Art then worked as a graphic designer before opening my own advertising and design company winning numerous awards for my creativity and money for my clients. After mastering the corporate world of art and design, I now sit, stay and paint!

I have been endeared to animals and nature my whole life and have been involved with many charities dedicated to their protection including Pets in Need,UCAN, SPCA, Three Sisters Pet Rescue, Recycled Doggies and numerous other organizations. I have even drawn beside John Ruthevan in support of the Cincinnati Nature Center.

Capturing the heart, soul and personality of your treasured companions is my goal… and pleasure.

There is nothing more rewarding than immortalizing your special friends to be remembered as a part of your family.

Besides, animals never complain that their noses look too big.